An Interview with Betsy Wolfe on the Way to Carnegie Hall

Photo by Emma Pratte

Photo by Emma Pratte


By Victoria Myers

There is a woman who is a retired accountant who has been attending concerts at Carnegie Hall for over twenty-five years. She has a subscription. She always sits in the same seat towards the front of the left orchestra. From time to time the subscription department will offer her a new seat, but she likes this one, thank you very much, because she has gotten to know all of the other subscribers who sit around her. Tonight she is at Carnegie Hall to see the New York Pops perform Broadway Today with guest artists Betsy Wolfe and Darren Criss. She’s excited for tonight’s concert and to be, once again, seated in the gilded parquet of Carnegie Hall.

We talk to Betsy Wolfe before and after she performs at Carnegie Hall and find out what goes into performing on that famous stage. We also talk to her about roles for women, confidence, evolving in the industry, and more.

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