BroadwayEvolved 2019 Summer Intensive Faculty

BroadwayEvolved 2019 Summer Intensive Faculty

What is broadwayevolved?

BroadwayEvolved defines success as the intersection of personal and professional growth. Students and educators gain exceptional, top notch training, but they also leave with a clearer understanding of their true selves, an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to build the skills to navigate their journeys.

The intensive brings the highest level of talented faculty to propel student and educator success. Guest faculty arrive with accomplished resumes, experience teaching, and a commitment to mentoring.

BroadwayEvolved knows that when both students and educators are trained in complimentary models, the potential is limitless.


With over 32 hours of personalized training and feedback, the BroadwayEvolved program of study includes acting workshops, private vocal technique lessons, dance, business of Broadway seminars, and individualized performance based masterclasses all taught by renowned Broadway artists.

Visit for application information and summer 2019 dates.

BroadwayEvolved Summer 2018 Participants

BroadwayEvolved Summer 2018 Participants



Competition is stiffer than ever to get into the “best" schools, and your decision to go to college and which college is arguably the most important career move you've made up until now. But, you know what, the college selection and audition process is so much more than choosing material that best showcases your talent.  

It is invaluable to consult elite professionals experienced in this unique area to make sure you're technically and mentally equipped for one of your most important decisions. Up until now, there hasn't been a program aimed towards this process that isn't one size fits all. We know.

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