Betsy Wolfe Takes On Seven Questions About BroadwayEvolved, Finding & Maintaining Her Powerful Voice, and Success, Failure & Perfection

Photo by Justin Patterson

Photo by Justin Patterson

By Josh Ferri,

Broadway leading lady Betsy Wolfe is queen, and we are clearly obsessed. This summer, Betsy launches a new venture, BroadwayEvolved. Co-founded by Betsy & Cynthia Rose, BroadwayEvolved is a groundbreaking theatre education program that gives students and educators exceptional, top-notch theatre training and the skill set to navigate their journeys on Broadway. The Summer Intensive Training Program, running from August 6 through August 9, offers students and teachers a chance to learn from an absolutely INSANE lineup of Broadway faculty: Jeremy Jordan, Megan Hilty, James Monroe Iglehart, Nikki M. James, Ben Crawford, Corey Cott, Jenn Colella, Adam Kantor, Leigh Silverman, Christy Altomare, Sherie Rene Scott, Nikki Renee Daniels, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Alexa Green.

BroadwayBox caught up with Betsy to talk about BroadwayEvolved, highlights from her own stage career, and how she maintains her incredible voice.

1. How did this journey with BroadwayEvolved begin? How did you come up with and grow the idea?
It’s actually been eight years since the concept formulated in my mind. Even the concept of BroadwayEvolved has evolved as I’ve grown personally and professionally and I’m so happy I waited until now to implement it. All the pieces have finally lined up, and as I reflect upon the success of the program so far, I know it’s because of the combination of the participant’s hunger for authentic growth, not just growth from a technical side, combined with a faculty and mission ready to directly reflect that.

Cynthia Rose